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Accium BioSciences welcomes Jason Giacomo, Ph.D. to the team!
Jason Giacomo, Ph.D. – Director of AMS Operations

Dr. Giacomo joined Accium BioSciences in early 2016 to serve as the director of AMS Operations and to oversee the management, maintenance, and improvement of Accium’s two AMS instruments. He has been involved in the advancement of AMS for bioanalytical applications since 2008 and has a number of peer-reviewed publications in the bioanalytical AMS field. He has worked in regulated environments, and is focused on ensuring that the AMS instruments and methods meet the expectations of Accium’s Quality Systems.

Dr. Giacomo received comprehensive AMS training at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich before designing a new laboratory and installing a BioMICADAS™ AMS instrument in Davis, California. There he successfully operated and maintained the instrument for 8 years. He also developed and optimized procedures for high-throughput AMS analysis of bioanalytical samples and created a training and maintenance program in his laboratory to maximize instrument up-time and reduce measurement delays. Dr. Giacomo brings this experience to Accium BioSciences to ensure the continued on-time performance and accuracy for which they are known. 

Welcome, Jason! We're all excited to work with you.