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Accium BioSciences is dedicated to providing you with quality microtracing data for your clinical or pre-clinical pharmaceutical study. 
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Accium BioSciences was established in May 2004 and is currently at the James Tower Life Sciences Building, located on the Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hill Campus. Accium provides reliable 14C/12C ratio measurement of clinical samples that support studies from drug development and medical research communities.

Our AMS clinical applications include mass balance ADME, absolute bioavailability, metabolite profiling, and microtracing studies, which can be adjusted to the needs to our clients.

Our AMS facility features a National Electrostatics Corporation 1.5 SDH-1 Pelletron Accelerator Mass Spectrometer that routinely operates with two ion sources of 40-sample and 134-sample capacities. The precision and accuracy of all sample measurements are 0.3%.

Accium also provides expert HPLC chromatography, sample preparation, and method development services from our bioanalytical group. We also have an independent Quality Assurance Unit that offers sample tracking verification, chain-of-custody verification, auditing, training, archiving, and ancillary services within a GLP/GCP environment.

Accium accepts clinical samples such as plasma, whole blood, urine, HPLC fractions, processed and unprocessed feces, homogenized tissue, and many other sample types. Fees are competitive and determined by the difficulty of analysis. Overall, Accium sets the industry standard for AMS analysis of clinical Samples through better turnaround time, quality of service, and customer flexibility and satisfaction.